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Recognizing Dr. Eric Ayers

Photo of Dr. Eric AyersCharles Drew Science Scholars recognized Dr. Eric Ayers at the program's 2015 Senior Recognition Dinner on April 30.  Dr. Ayers, a former Drew Scholar and 1985 graduate of Michigan State University, serves as an example for Drew Scholars as a result of his untiring efforts to improve the quality of life in his community through health care, opportunity, and education.  Throughout his career of 20+ years, Dr. Ayers has received numerous fellowships and awards, including the 2011 College of Natural Science Outstanding Alumni of the Year award.

Frequently recognized for his outstanding achievements and commitment to teaching, medicine, and community service, Dr. Ayers is an honored Drew alumnus who supports Drew Scholars by increasing opportunities for students and is a resource for the program's participants.  Dr. Ayers is always willing and available to engage students interested in medicine and health care through informal mentoring and shadowing.  In honor of his outstanding achievements and commitment to teaching, medicine and community service, the Drew Scholars program offered an expression of its appreciation.