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Q. Does the Drew Scholars program offer scholarships or financial aid?

A. Drew Scholars is not a scholarship-granting program. However, our support services, corporate, and research relationships help make students more competitive when they apply for scholarships.


Q. Are the students in the Drew Scholars program from diverse backgrounds? 

A. Yes. Students come from a broad range of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. A benefit of participation is the opportunity to learn from and work with students from many different backgrounds.


Q. Why was I invited to the Drew Scholars program?

A. You were invited to join the Drew Scholars program because of your high school records of accomplishment and your plan to pursue a degree program in the College of Natural Science and/or a career based in science and mathematics. 


Q. Can I be part of other residential programs/colleges (Lyman Briggs, R.I.S.E., CAMP, etc.) and still be a Drew Scholar? 

A. The Charles Drew Science Scholars program is a residential program; therefore, you cannot join other residential programs/colleges. Students are not allowed dual membership with Lyman Briggs and the Charles Drew Science Scholars program.  You may join other non-residential programs depending on the membership requirements. Many Drew Scholars are members of other programs at Michigan State University. 


Q. What is the Drew Scholars Living & Learning Community, or LLC? 

A. The Drew Scholars LLC is the residential component of the Drew Scholars program. It involves helping students continue their learning outside of the classroom. The LLC also provides students the opportunity to get to know each other better with the goal of forming mutually supportive social and academic communities. 


Q. If I am in the Drew Scholars program where would I be housed?

A. The program and its freshmen scholars are housed on the second floor of Rather Hall in the Brody Neighborhood.


Q. Am I required to live on the Drew Floor in Rather Hall until I graduate?

A. It is a program requirement that non-commuting freshmen live in the Drew Scholars residential community. Sophomores, juniors and seniors have the freedom to decide their living arrangements.


Q. Can I have a roommate that is not a Drew Scholar?

A. Yes, but it depends on space and availability. Non-Drew Scholars roommates must agree to reside in Rather Hall.


Q. What are the benefits of being in the Drew Scholars program?

A. There are many benefits of being a Drew Scholar. Drew Scholars offers its students many academic and social benefits. These include personalized advising, assistance with course planning and registration, academic coaching and tutoring, peer mentoring, help with securing professional internships, and connecting students who share the same or similar academic, career, and social interests. The Drew Scholars program offers these benefits and resources in a supportive personalized environment. Our goal is to help all of our students have the best possible college experience.