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Peer Mentoring Program

Our peer mentoring program groups an upperclass Drew scholar with incoming members to provide assistance and guidance to them throughout their first year, focusing on support that enables them to successfully transition to MSU socially, academically, and professionally.


Each incoming Drew freshman will be assigned a peer mentor and each mentor will have a group of 4-5 mentees who they will mentor through the completion of the students first year when they will become eligible to be mentors themselves.

Eligibility and Qualifications:

A strong desire to give back and help younger Drew Scholars

A strong feeling that you have something of value to share with younger students that will help them be well and successful

You believe you are, or can be, a model student for the mentees to emulate

Have a strong work ethic

Possess personal discipline

Have strong character and integrity

Oluwabusola Ajagbe

Hello!! I go by Busola. I am a junior majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Chinese.

A fun fact about me is that I am Nigerian.

I became a peer mentor because firstly, I want to give back to the Drew program to show how grateful I am
for all the support and help I have received. Another reason I wanted to become a peer mentor is to be a resource for Drew students so as to help them navigate their freshman year while making their freshman year a bit less stressful and overwhelming.

Jordyn Brown

Hi! I am a rising junior here at MSU. I major in Human biology and am on a pre-medical track. I also have a minor in African American and African Studies.

A fun fact about me is that I have a twin brother (I’m 4 minutes older!).

My reasons for wanting to become a peer mentor are mainly based on my experience with my old peer mentor. She helped the transition into college be a lot easier and gave me tons of advice early on that allowed me to be successful. I want to help incoming students the way that she helped me. I know I can help by giving advice and tips about studying, classes, time management, etc. 

Can’t wait to meet y’all!!

Kiona Cureton

My name is Kiona Cureton, and I am an incoming Junior. My major is human biology on the pre-Physician Assistant track. Two fun facts about me are that my favorite course is Anatomy and I've re-watched all 18 seasons of Grey's Anatomy over five times. I want to be a peer mentor because I know what it's like being a first-generation student while being in the transition from high school to college. Even if you're not first generation, I still want to be able to relay resources to students to not make the same mistake and build improvement quicker in their college career.

Gabriel DePaz

Hi everyone! I normally go by Gabe! I’ll be starting my Junior year as a Human Biology major this fall.

One fun fact about me is that this past semester I played for
MSU’s club football team and we made it to the conference championship.

I’ve always loved helping anyone and everyone so that’s the main reason I wanted to become a mentor so I can help those who are new to campus find their way.

Cameron Duplessis
Ariana Emokah


Kennedi Harris

Major: Neuroscience 

Fun fact: I’ve spent too much money on the Sims… 

Music Taste:

Arctic Monkeys

Amy Winehouse

Tyler, the creator

Shawn Mendez

Random Things I Like: Plants, Snoopy, and Sea Otters 

Random Dislikes: Geese 

Why I became a peer mentor?

I wanted to become a mentor because my mentor was amazing, and made it easier for  me to adjust to college academic wise.

I honestly want to be able to give that same experience  to someone else, it’s your first year of college, and it is perfectly fine to have difficulties while  adjusting. The job of us mentors is to give you guys a shoulder to lean on, and to remember to  enjoy your college experience while finding a balance between fun and academics.

A little more about me would be that I am very driven when it comes to academics. As your mentor, I can give you plenty of  insight on how I went through my freshman year attending office hours, help rooms, etc. But  overall, college is mainly just how organized you are.

Dwayne Howard

Jenny Jaramillo

Hi Drew Scholars! I am a third year majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Spanish and Global Public Health.

In my free time I like to paint and play spikeball with friends outside!

I became a peer mentor because I want to help give the guidance that I needed when I first started college. Entering college is really difficult to navigate at times, but having a peer that has done it before in your corner will be very useful. I am looking forward to meeting the incoming students and help in whatever way I can!

Heaven King

Hi, I’m a Human Biology major in my 3rd year here at MSU!

A fun fact about me is that my grandmother, my mom, and I are all in college. My mother is currently an RN in the nurse practitioner program and my grandmother is getting what I believe is her 3rd degree in Financial Planning and Economics.

I became a peer mentor to share what I have learned this far to get me where I am now. My goal is to share my experiences and/or my mistakes I have learned from that will hopefully make the start of the “college experience” a bit easier for many others.

Kattrina Kiselevach

Ava Loc

Major: Integrative Biology

Fun Fact: I recently went to South Africa on a study abroad trip where I volunteered at a Cheetah Rewilding Sanctuary! 

Why: I became a peer mentor because freshman year was a blur of confusion and constantly getting lost. It is my hope that I can provide some clarity and direction to the Freshmen I will mentor and prevent this confusion. I cannot say I will be able to answer every question my Freshmen will ask, but I will be more than able to provide some valuable input and advice that they will be able to follow up with.

Laniya Mason


Major:  Human Biology

Minor:  African American and African Studies

Fun fact: I was in the band for 6 years. I play the clarinet.

Being a peer mentor is a great way to give back to the community while also developing your own skills. As a peer mentor, I will have the opportunity to help others navigate challenges and
achieve their goals, which can be incredibly rewarding. I want to be the peer mentor I wish I
had. I feel as though I’m very dependable and I want to be there for anyone who needs the support.

Dominic Mathis-Nelson

Aerlande Mekebeb

Alyssa Murphy

Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa Murphy and I’m from Farmington Hills, Michigan (Metro-Detroit area). I am a rising senior majoring in Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics with a double minor in Spanish and Bioethics. I am on the pre-med track and will be attending medical school here at MSUCOM (College of Osteopathic Medicine) following graduation.

I became a peer mentor because it is very important, especially in college, to have someone that you know you can always go to if you need guidance, advice, help, honestly anything pertaining to your personal growth. I want to be that person for you and help you to become the best version of yourself. 

Fun fact – I’m half Filipino, I enjoy watching sunsets, and I love trying new cooking recipes!

Sofia Mosley

My major is Human Biology and im minoring in Spanish

A fun fact about me is that I can learn instruments really quickly. Hand me something..
Gimme two weeks.. Imma have it down pact by then.

I want to become a peer mentor because I didnt have one for the beginning of my
freshman year. Then once someone offered to take me in, her advice was very surface
level and her main focus was to sound professional. I want to be a peer mentor that is
just straight up, will tell you everything you need to know to thrive. I feel like the
un-professionalism will allow more connectivity with peers, and more comfortability as
well. Being a junior, I had quite some time to learn how to navigate classes, clubs, a job,
while still trying to find time to volunteer and beef up the resume. Mcat studying, what
that looks like.. All of this information can be so beneficial to know before the peers themselves have to do them. Offering a hand to handle all of these commitments,
especially while being on the pre-med track can be extremely helpful.

Cynthia Nnko

Major:  Biomedical Laboratory Science and a

Minor:  African studies.

My fun fact: I enjoy traveling and I take Swahili classes here at MSU.

Why I became a peer mentor: I became a peer mentor because my peer mentor
and other Drew member played a significant role in my academic success up until
now. For instance, they gave great advice on what classes to take with what professors and studying tips. And so I want do the same and help other Drew members to do good in academics.

And I also want to give back to my Drew community. This program has helped me in so many ways, the biggest being willing to take on challenges and taking every opportunity that is provided to me.

This was beneficial to me because it opened doors to so many more opportunities, and I obtained a variety of skill sets. I am so excited to meet you all
this fall.

Jessica Norwood

Godfred Osei-Agyei

Major: Biomedical Laboratory Science
Fun Fact: I never finish watching a TV show.

My peer mentor really helped me adjust to campus and steered me towards my current majorwhich I enjoy very much. I want to help other students who would enter college with questions and dilemmas navigate through the college experience just like I had with my peer mentor.

Priya Patterson-Lee

Major: Neuroscience

Fun fact: I deeply love beaches, lakes, and rivers! I find calmness in the water and find myself always living near a water source (maybe on purpose??)

Why: I became a mentor because I know how overwhelming the first year can be! MSU is a big university, and having someone by yourself to help navigate it and ask questions you may have is helpful. I really just want to be an extra resource and friend to incoming students.

Adetolani Peter-Koyi

Zaria Pitts

Hello! I am a sophomore majoring in Human Biology and minoring in pharmacology and toxicology.

My fun fact is that I like to paint in my free time no matter what it is.

I chose to become a peer mentor because I hope to give guidance in a way that I needed my freshman year. I am happy and excited to be working with the Drew family this upcoming year!

Malaika Robinson

Hi everyone! I’m about to enter my sophomore year here at MSU. I am a Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Major with a minor in Business, I am also on the pre-med track as well. A fun fact about me is I loveee self-care/skincare and my dream is to become a dermatologist and create/have my own skincare line in the future.

I chose to become a peer mentor because college is such a new experience for people and with me being the oldest of my siblings it was definitely a little bit difficult for me to navigate this new era of life. I found that having a peer mentor helped to alleviate a bit of the anxiety because I had someone who already went through the confusing experience to confide in and also get advice and guidance from. It also helps to have a support system behind you to keep you motivated throughout the year. I hope that I can be that for one of you!

I hope all of you have a great first year experience & wish everyone good luck as you begin your college journey!🤍

Ladymar Rodriguez Torres

I am from Ponce, Puerto Rico. I am a junior majoring in Biomedical Laboratory Diagnosis with a concentration in Medical Laboratory Sciences and minoring in Chicano Latinx Studies. Among the things I am involved in on campus are the Honors College, Charles Drew Science Scholar Program, RA (Resident Assistant), BLDSA (Biomedical Laboratory Diagnosis Student Association), IEV (International Engagement Volunteers), and PMA (Pre-Medical Association).  

I am currently on a pre-med track with goals of becoming an MD and representing the Latinx community, as well. I enjoy being a Drew scholar because of all the support and resources that are brought to us among the large campus that surrounds us. The program also allows students to create good connections and transition from high school to college. 

The reason I signed up to be a peer mentor was because when coming from far away I struggled to find my way through campus. Having the extra support of my peer mentor, while making the transition, was very impactful for me. Recognizing the impact that a peer mentor can have while making this difficult transition, motivated me to want to give back to others. By giving back to others I hope to be a beneficial resource to incoming freshmen when starting their college path. 

Lastly, two fun facts about me are that my favorite color depends on the day and that I mostly listen to Spanish/Latin music.

Kenneth Rogers

Major: Physiology

Fun Fact: I love playing basketball, investing, and horror movies

Why become a peer mentor?: I became a peer mentor to assist new students in accommodating college life at an exponential speed, so they can focus on the side of college life not concerning grades; this essentially helps cultivate students and allows them to focus on their WHY.

Samantha Velasquez

Hi everyone!

I am an international student from Peru and a second-year
studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a concentration in Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Fun fact about me is that I speak three languages; Spanish, English and French.

I decided to become a Peer mentor to give back to the Drew community by sharing what I learned in my first-year at MSU with the next generation of Drew Science Scholars. I am eager
to help you find campus resources, encourage you to campus involvement, recommend you classes/professors, suggest study methods according to your learning style, etc. Overall, help you have a smooth transition into college. ;)

David Villegas

I am a senior majoring in microbiology and molecular genetics. I am from Des Plaines, Illinois.

A fun fact of mine would be that English was my second language.

I became a peer mentor because when I was an incoming freshman, I had a lot of questions regarding life as a college student in and outside of the classroom. I feel that with my experience I can provide some guidance to make life easier.

Sky Young