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Hope Lovell Hope Lovell

Hope Lovell strongly believes in the spirit of entrepreneurship and wishes to empower and guide other business owners to seek their dreams of financial freedom.  In this vain, she works with various business owners to guide them on how to systematically grow their businesses and reach their dreams.  

Anthony Thibodeau Shines at Covance Anthony Thibodeau Shines at Covance

May 2015 MSU graduate and Drew Scholar Anthony Thibodeau snags permanent employment with Covance.

Recognizing Dr. Eric Ayers Recognizing Dr. Eric Ayers

Dr. Eric Ayers, Drew Alumnus, was recognized for his continuous support of Charles Drew Science Scholars at the 2015 Senior Dinner.

Bryan Buckley Receives Promotion Bryan Buckley Receives Promotion

Bryan Buckley, MSU Class of 2010 (BS) and 2016 (MS), received a promotion with the Michigan Health & Hospital Association Patient Safety Organization.

Giving Back to Drew Scholars

If you are interested in staying connected to Drew Scholars and positively affecting the academic and professional future of its students, there are several ways to do so:

Visits to classroom: Students benefit greatly from having alumni talk about their work, their profession, and their personal careers.  We invite you to participate in one of our seminars to share your academic and career experiences with current Drew Scholars. It helps them to understand how classroom learning translates into actual practice and encourages them to pursue their career options.

Programmatic support: Unrestricted endowment/donations that would allow the director to invest in areas that would help ensure the quality of our educational programs. We can facilitate a speaker series, help motivate graduate mentors to work with students in a residential setting, provide for programmatic development, and invest in instructional technology to name just a few possibilities. Your financial contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Undergraduate Education Endowment: A scholarship endowment focused on recruiting or, equally important, retaining undergraduates. The current state and national economic climate has had a selective impact on financially disadvantaged students. A scholarship fund would provide us the opportunity to retain and/or recruit students who might otherwise not have access to a top research institution like MSU.

Please contact our office by phone or email to talk more about being part of Drew (again).

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