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Living Learning Community

Drew Scholars has moved to Rather Hall! Come visit and see our new space!

Drew Scholars Residential Experience

The Drew Scholars Living & Learning Community (LLC) is for entering Drew freshmen who are interested in pursuing science and math degrees, including individuals interested in professional health and science careers. The program offers students a close-knit community of learners with shared academic and career goals within the larger context of the university.

Students in the Drew Scholars LLC live together with other Drew scholars on designated floors in Rather Hall. This type of community fosters strong relationships among students with similar interests. Students often form study circles and assist each other with homework and other projects. Drew scholars also enroll together in special reserved sections of chemistry, math, writing, and biology.

The Drew LLC provides students many unique opportunities for an enriched college experience while living and learning in a supportive and friendly environment.

Go Green now means you can Live Green!

View MSU's liveon guide to Freshman Housing!

Rather Hall will feature the following:

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy Environment Design) Certified Residence Hall
  • A/C within the building
  • Community kitchen and game room
  • Passive solar greenhouse for organic herb and salad production
  • Green housekeeping which includes low VOC cleaning practices
  • Adjacent to Brody Square Cafeteria (offering 10 different stations of specialty food such as sushi, vegetarian, vegan
  • Over 75% of the spaces in Brody have access to natural daylight and 90% of spaces will have views to the outside of building