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Career Advising

Charles Drew Science Scholars career advising program is designed to foster students’ professional development.  To do this, intense focus is placed on students’ self-realization, encouraging students to reflect on themselves, their abilities, interests, coursework, co-curricular activities, etc.  We utilize themes that press students to connect lessons of the college classroom to the world beyond campus.  By bringing together coursework, research experience, and any other academic pursuits our students will have developed a record that ultimately translates into a strong and highly impressive resume.

Our goal is to work with students, helping them reach realistic goals in-line with their professional and personal interests.  We will compel our students to seek out experiences that promote and further their professional development.  We will support students in their resume building endeavors by helping them identify and secure academic and career enriching opportunities, such as, internships, research experiences, employment, scholarships, and other notable prospects.

Advising hours: By appointment only.

Career Services Network