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March 2016: Austin Whitted and William Davie

William Davie is a sophomore Physiciology major and his independent research is Water Infiltration Rates across Cropping Systems and Plant Communities with assistance from his faculty mentor G. Philip Robertson, Ph.D., and Ph.D candidate Kate Glanville. He conducted his research at KBS and is continuing to present at symposiums nationwide. This summer he will conduct biomedical research with MSU REPID Program. 

Austin Whitted, a junior Human biology major, conducted his independent research on Switchgrass Variety Differences in Digestibilty under the guideance of Karen Stahlheber, Ph.D. He worked with the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center to investigate the production of more sustainable fuel by comparing 6 different varieties of switchgrass planted at KBS. Along with his role as an Intercultural Aide (ICA) at MSU, Austin is involved in other campus organizations.