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Participation in the Drew Scholars program is by invitation only. Invitations are extended to students admitted to Michigan State University who indicate an intent to pursue a degree program in the College of Natural Science and meet the eligibility requirements listed below:

  • 3.0+ high school grade point average (GPA)
  • ACT/SAT composite score of 20+/1000+
  • ACT/SAT math subscore of 20+/500+

Membership includes participation in Drew freshmen and sophomore fall seminars (NSC 100 and NSC 200).  These seminars are designed to help students begin college with a strong academic foundation and become well-rounded decision makers who are prepared for graduate education and/or career success.

Freshmen students in the Drew Scholars program live together on the designated Drew floor in Rather Hall, providing a Living & Learning Community of scholars.

For questions about
membership in Drew Scholars
Please contact our main office:

(517) 353-8491